• Open 24/7;
  • Free entrance for VinUni students;
  • Headhunters and employers spend most of their time here looking for potential candidates and future leaders in many fields. Enter the “job market” to unlock work-study, internships, community services opportunities, and start building your career path!

What should you prepare?

🙌 Self-understanding (book a consultation with yourself, your friends or your faculty adviser!);

⏰ Time (make sure you have enough time to sleep, study and take on extra work);

😎 Personal profile (use your own CV or rebuild your candidate profile at the Profile Factory).

What types of jobs are available?

The positions available vary, depending on the resourcing needs of VinUni departments and our partner organizations. There are various working opportunities in marketing, administration, healthcare, research, etc.

How do I start?

First, browse through the job listings to find the most suitable position for you. You can then start your application by:

  • Option 1: Create a profile where you can customize, update and track your applications as you apply for many different positions. 
  • Option 2: Apply directly to the job without creating a profile by filling in some basic information and uploading your resume. You will have to repeat this step whenever you apply for a new position.


  • Open 24/7
  • Create a profile where you can customize, update and track your applications as you apply for many different positions here!
  • Tips for winning profiles:
    • Match your current CV or LinkedIn profile;
    • Highlight the achievements, not only the job titles;
    • Update it constantly!
    • Apply a consistent filter (e.g. Creative girl conquers the business world 👜, Tech boy loves software ⌨…).


  • Open 24/7
  • The Career Readiness Center was built to symbolize the ladder to the career epitome, which is non-existent! So follow your passion and find what you need!
    • Floor 1 for information on Job Search & the Vietnamese Labor Market;
    • Floor 2 for everything you need to secure a job (from Resume, Cover Letter, Interview Skills);
    • Floor 3 for other working opportunities (Internship, Career Plans);
    • Floor 4 for those who are trying to “survive” their corporate life;
    • Floor 5 for dropouts, gap-year-ers, VinUni Wannabes and all VinUnians. We care about you!

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